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About Us

Remote Rehab is a relaxed, informal space where therapists share and develop ideas about how to deliver outstanding rehabilitation services to our patients

Join us for our first online conference in association with the Neuro Rehab Times

We're An Ideas Incubator

An Inspiring Space To ......

  • Connect with like minded, innovative therapists who we’re unlikely  to meet outside of conferences and training courses
  • Make friends and academic connections outside of our team, area, county and country 
  • Share new ideas and then work together to translate them into the larger community hub, research area, pathway development etc.
  • Meet in a safe, secure, private place away from the noise and distractions of social media
  • Share best practice, innovative ideas, hints and tips, research findings and patient experiences
  • Make new connections with experts in the field of remote rehabilitation and therapy

You Are In The Right Place If You Want To....


  • Meet innovative, inspiring committed, hardworking, caring, empathetic therapists who always want to do an outstanding job. 
  • Focus on exploring the opportunities and challenges we face working remotely with our patients 
  • Have daily, weekly and monthly opportunities to explore, discuss, develop and learn with like minded people in a safe supportive, inspiring space

Why Join?

We are a moderated space away from the noise of social media where you can:

  • Explore how to develop outstanding services for patients across the UK
  • Share and develop new ideas about how to work remotely with our patients 
  • Access information related to all aspects of remote and virtual rehabilitation
  • Access remote training sessions, live chats, Q&A’s, journal clubs, courses and webinars
  • Access content that leads to CPD points and further opportunities for learning.
  • Ask and answer questions related to every aspect of remote/virtual rehabilitation 
  • Openly share ideas, perspectives,  thoughts, learning and reflections
  • Engage in conversations, debates, discussions and group learning
  • Offer and receive mentoring and coaching  

Join us for our first online conference in association with the Neuro Rehab Times

Why Join This 5 Day Virtual Conference?

If you want to learn how to simply and easily bring remote working and telehealth into your practice then this is the conference for you!

The conference is designed to answer the questions that we get asked all the time in relation to this topic:

Day 1 - Is Remote Rehab worth the effort?

Day 2 - Can apps and other virtual modalities enhance my practice?

Day 3 - Can the entire MDT complete remote rehab?

Day 4 - How do we measure success and what services have successfully done this?

Day 5 - What is the patient experience of remote rehab?

Over the 5 days there are a mix of over 50+ experts and innovators in the field of virtual and remote therapy from all over the world giving you insights into this area of rehabilitation.

Knowledge is key and we are passionate that therapists know what is available from a tech perspective and they are in the room making informed decisions about what is used in their service and why, so it fundamentally works for them and their patients!

See full details, itinerary and purchase tickets

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